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Vil du have nyt om smag inden for forskning, håndværk og undervisning? Tilmeld dig Smag for Livets nyhedsbrev her.

  • Foto: From Leonardo Sagastuy's "The Tastebuddies"
    Foto: From Leonardo Sagastuy's "The Tastebuddies"

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Beautiful taste - how to cook a painting?


Is it possible to evoke smells and tastes through colors and shapes? And what does taste and lines have in common? At this exclusive event the artist Leo Sagastuy and the anthropologist Jens Sejer will take you on a journey into the virtuosic worlds of cooking and painting. We'll explore food taste as a cultural phenomenon. How does it affects our value of life? Throughout the talk Leo will showcast some of his art made in collaboration with Taste for Life (Smag for Livet), and Jens will explain how art can work as an analogy to taste understandings and sensations. Taste is for the chef what music is for the musician, but what is taste for an artist?

NOTE! The event takes place in the beautiful Kolonihave at NorthSide. Participants meet at 1 pm by the Samarit tent between Green and Blue Stage and together we'll take the short walk from the festival to the Kolonihave. The price includes a Tuborg Rå beer. The event is in English.

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